Design Structure

Caldera Structure

EVM Settlement Layer

Caldera Chains can settle on all EVM-compatible chains. A majority of Caldera Chains settled on either Ethereum Layer 1 or Polygon, but we offer support for the vast majority of EVM chains (including Binance Smart Chain, Aurora, Avalanche, Evmos, and others). To ensure the integrity and security of our platform, we employ the use of fault-proofs, which are posted onto the chain, to provide a verifiable record of all transactions and interactions within our Caldera Chains.

Data Availability Layer

Caldera Chains employs a unique architecture that decouples the execution layer from the data availability layer. This allows for flexibility in the choice of where to send transaction data, either directly to the EVM settlement layer (Ethereum, Polygon, etc.) or a dedicated data availability layer, such as Eigenlayer or Celestia, depending on the specific requirements and preferences of the user, thus maximizing the choice and options available. This design approach allows for enhanced scalability, security, and flexibility in the management of data and transactions costs on Caldera Chains.