Design Principles


Design principles play a crucial role in shaping the functionality and user experience of our platform. We prioritize the use of Ethereum as our layer 1 blockchain for its unparalleled security and decentralization. Simplicity is also a key consideration, as we strive to make Caldera Chains user-friendly and accessible for all.
1-Click to Launch a Rollup


Caldera Chains prioritizes developer choice and user choice, giving them the freedom to customize and tailor their experience according to their needs. We settle on a trusted layer, ensuring that our customers can trust the platform and have the best experience possible.


We also focus on maximizing user experience for both developers and customers by abstracting away complexity and creating a clear, streamlined experience. This includes creating a package that reduces overhead for customers, while also providing self-sovereignty and control over their own ecosystem. This opens new pathways to revenue and offers optionality for whatever the user wants to do.