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I've deployed my rollup, what can I do with it?

The choice is yours. You can try out sample applications, Break Caldera, connect your Metamask, or deploy your own dApp on the platform.

Does using Caldera cost anything?

No, these testnet rollups are completely free to use.

Are these real rollups?

Yes, the rollups run on a temporary testnet L1, but they are fully functional and store data. The technology used for the testnet rollups is the same as that used in production in mainnet

Is there a token for Caldera?


How can I launch a rollup on Mainnet?

Get in touch with the team here: Create a Mainnet Chain​

How can I get in touch for support or learn more?


To use the testnet rollups, users must authenticate through a Magic Link and can only have one active rollup at a time. These testnet chains are temporary and will expire 12 hours after deployment.
Please note that the funds on the rollups have no actual value and it is not currently possible to transfer external tokens to or from the testnet rollup.
The level of customization is limited at the moment but will be greatly expanded shortly. See Chain Customization for a full list of planned customizations.
Bridging functionality between the underlying L1 and the rollup will be exposed soon (via a web UI and SDK).