Create a Testnet Chain

Deploy a Caldera Testnet Chain with just one click

Easy Usage


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    Authenticate with Email
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    Select a name and unique chain ID
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    A fully functional Caldera Testnet Chain will be available in ~5 minutes.
When you're ready deploy to Mainnet
Interact with the testnet using the RPC URL, which supports EVM-compatible JSON-RPC requests. For more information and examples on integrating the RPC URL with common developer tools, refer to this reference page.
While the Rollup Details Page can be shared with anyone, only the original deployer can terminate the Rollup.


Optimistic Rollup

The testnet chains use the OP stack and offer lightning-fast confirmation times, high throughput, and low fees. The technology and experience of the testnet chains are almost exactly the same as production rollups on mainnet. More information on the Rollup protocol is here: Rollup Protocol
Due to their full EVM compatibility, most EVM-compatible developer tools will work with testnet rollups without any additional setup. You can find a list of included tools here:

Block explorer

All rollups come bundled with a block explorer that allows you to view and analyze all transactions and balances on the chain.

Break Caldera

Break Caldera is a simple game that runs on top of your personal Caldera chain. The objective is to press a button as many times as you can in 30 seconds. Each time you press the button, a transaction is submitted and indexed in the block explorer, where you can view your transaction history.


Add to Metamask

Click a button to add the Caldera chain to your Metamask wallet.

Web Socket Connection

Supports bi-directional, real-time communication between a client and a server over the Web for low latency and efficient communication. (View in More Details Button)
Read-Only Replica
Take advantage of improved performance and scalability for read requests. (View in More Details Button)


Enter your address and request funds on the rollup.

Status Check

Track the status of your rollup from the dashboard. The status check regularly confirms if the RPC endpoint of the URL is accessible and functioning.

Share Button

Tell your mom about your Caldera rollup by clicking the share button and sending her a graphic. So cool.