Caldera Public Testnets

Use one of Caldera's public testnets to get a feel for Caldera Chains

Get Started

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    Add chains to metamask via the "add to metamask button"
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    Request testnet tokens via the faucet
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    Get building!


Optimistic Rollup

The testnet chains use the OP stack and offer lightning-fast confirmation times, high throughput, and low fees. The technology and experience of the testnet chains are almost exactly the same as production rollups on mainnet. More information on the Rollup protocol is here: Rollup Protocol
Due to their full EVM compatibility, most EVM-compatible developer tools will work with testnet rollups without any additional setup. You can find a list of included tools here:

Block explorer

Testnet rollups come bundled with a block explorer that allows you to view and analyze all transactions and balances on the chain.

Bridge Interface

Each testnet rollup has an associated bridge between it and its L1. We offer an interface to access the bridge, which can be found at​


Add to Metamask

Click a button to add the Caldera chain to your Metamask wallet.

Websocket Connection

Supports bi-directional, real-time communication between a client and a server over the Web for low latency and efficient communication. (View in More Details Button)
Read-Only Replica
Take advantage of improved performance and scalability for read requests. (View in More Details Button)


Enter your address and request funds on the rollup.