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Bridge Between Rollups

Permissionless interoperability from your Caldera rollup to other Caldera rollups and EVM chains


Caldera has partnered with Hyperlane to enable interoperability between Caldera rollups. By deploying a Hyperlane bridge, your Caldera rollup can communicate with other Caldera rollups and any other EVM-compatible blockchains.
This solution can also be used to deploy a token bridge. For more info on Hyperlane, you can check out their docs.

Benefits of Hyperlane:

  • Offers permissionless interoperability between any chain of your choice, not requiring any approval or token allocation
  • Hyperlane's architecture enables fast bridging
  • You can customize the security of your bridge depending on your app's requirements

Bridge between Caldera Testnet Rollups

We have deployed a USDC bridge between our Testnet Caldera rollups on Polygon and Ethereum Goerli. You can try out the bridge here:
USDC bridge between Testnet Caldera rollups
If you don't already have USDC on Caldera's testnet Polygon rollup, you can use the Polygon rollup's native bridge to bridge USDC from Polygon mainnet to Caldera's testnet Polygon rollup.

Deploy a Hyperlane bridge for your Caldera rollup

Reach out to us if you'd like to deploy a bridge between your app's rollup and another Caldera rollup or Layer-1 chain!
We're happy to help anytime on this, and offer a few options too:

Customizable Security

Hyperlane allows security policies known as Interchain Security Modules (ISMs), which means that you can choose the level of security for your rollup's Hyperlane bridge. For example, you can have a committee of multiple validators to sign messages if you would like higher security, but if your application's security requirements aren't as high then you could deploy a bridge with a single validator and relayer. One point to note is that Hyperlane has not implemented fraud proofs to slash validators yet, but this is expected to be integrated into the protocol soon.

Hyperlane Bridge UI

We provide a default web UI for your rollup's Hyperlane bridge, similar to our testnet rollup bridge. This UI can be customized to your app if needed.

Hosting Choices

Please let us know if you would like to host the validators and relayers for your rollup's Hyperlane bridge yourself or if you would prefer a different hosting solution, we're happy to support you on this too.