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High-Level API

Caldera Chains come equipped with a high-level API that makes it easy for developers and users to interact with the chain and access its data. The Block Explorer, in particular, exposes a set of GraphQL and HTTP APIs that provide a convenient way to perform common blockchain queries, such as retrieving address balances, transaction history, and more.
Some examples of the types of queries that can be made using the API include:
  • Address balances: retrieve the balance of a specific address on the blockchain
  • Transaction history per address: view all transactions associated with a specific address
  • List of tokens owned by an address: view all tokens and NFTs that are owned by a specific address
  • List of holders of a given token or NFT collection: view all addresses that hold a specific token or NFT collection
  • Source code of verified contracts: view the source code of verified contracts on the blockchain.
For a comprehensive list of the queries that can be made using the API, consult the API documentation. With the high-level API, developers can easily access and use the data stored on the blockchain, making it easy to build and deploy decentralized applications that make use of this data.