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On-Chain Automation

🚧 Feature Under Construction
Caldera chains will offer on-chain automation, allowing for the execution of code before and after transactions. This feature, also known as "before/after hooks," allows for the creation of custom logic and smart contract interactions that can be triggered by specific events or actions on the chain.

Use Cases

  • Automatically updating a token's balance or a user's account balance based on a transaction
  • Enforcing custom logic or rules, such as a whitelist or a minimum deposit amount
  • Implementing advanced token mechanics, such as token burning or minting
  • Performing off-chain operations, such as sending an email or triggering a webhook
This feature allows for the creation of highly customized and automated dApps and protocols, providing developers with more flexibility and control over their projects. Additionally, it can also improve the user experience by automating repetitive or error-prone tasks.