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Instant Confirmations

Caldera Chains offer a truly unparalleled level of speed and efficiency when it comes to transaction confirmation times. Unlike traditional blockchain systems, which can take minutes or even hours to confirm a single transaction, Caldera Chains are built on an optimistic rollup structure that allows for near-instant confirmation times.
One of the key advantages of Caldera Chains is that they produce one block for every transaction and process transaction as they arrive, rather than at specific block intervals. This means that as soon as a transaction is submitted, it is confirmed, resulting in extremely fast confirmation times that are unmatched by traditional blockchain systems.
With Caldera Chains, transactions sent locally (ie. without network latency) are confirmed in under 10 milliseconds. This level of speed is a game-changer for businesses and individuals who need to move assets or execute smart contract functions quickly and efficiently.
Additionally, the confirmation time that a given user experiences are almost entirely due to latency between their device and the rollup sequencer. So, the faster the network, the faster the confirmation time. This makes Caldera Chain ideal for businesses that need to make fast transaction confirmations, and for users who want to experience the fastest confirmation times in the industry.