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Finality Period

Caldera Chains offer the flexibility of varying finality periods, allowing for different levels of security and finality for different use cases. This means that the operator of a Caldera Chain can choose how long it takes for a transaction to be considered final, depending on the specific requirements of their use case.
Use Cases
  • For high-value transactions, a longer finality period can provide added security and peace of mind for both the sender and the recipient.
  • For fast-moving, high-frequency trading applications, a shorter finality period can be more suitable to ensure that trades are settled quickly and efficiently.
  • For applications with different levels of security or trust required, finality periods can be set accordingly to match the risk profile of the transaction.
  • In the case of micropayments, faster finality periods are needed to keep the costs of transactions low and to prevent the buildup of unconfirmed transactions.