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Address Whitelist

Caldera Chains provide a powerful feature that allows developers to define a whitelist of addresses that can interact with their chain. This feature can be used to restrict the ability to interact with contracts or perform certain actions to a specific set of addresses. The whitelisting functionality can be managed through a simple API and can be used to add or remove addresses from the whitelist. This feature allows for greater flexibility and control over the interactions with the chain, ensuring the security and integrity of the data on the chain.

Use Cases

  • Restricting access to specific addresses, such as only allowing certain users or contracts to interact with your chain
  • Implementing custom access control rules, such as only allowing transactions above a certain value or from specific countries
  • Improving security by limiting the potential attack surface of your chain
  • Creating private chains or testnets for specific use cases or user groups
  • Enhancing compliance with regulatory requirements by limiting access to only compliant addresses
  • Allowing for more granular control over your chain's behavior and functionality.